Tour Boise’s Local Wineries and Breweries

Tour Boise’s Local Wineries and Breweries

Boise’s wine and craft beer scene is thriving, with plenty of spots to explore. From cozy wine bars to bustling breweries, there’s something for every taste. Here’s a guide to some must-visit locations.



  • 404 S 8th St, Boise | 208.336.8466 
  • 3630 E Monarch Sky, Meridian | 208.887.5369 

At Bodovino, wine enthusiasts can enjoy an innovative experience with the Wine Emotion machines, which allow you to sample from 144 different wines by the glass. Located in both downtown Boise and The Village in Meridian, Bodovino also offers a delightful menu of cocktails and tapas to complement your wine tasting adventure.

House of Wine

Location: 1008 W Main St, Boise | 208.297.9463 

House of Wine in downtown Boise is a cozy spot perfect for wine lovers seeking an intimate setting. Here, you can purchase wines, enjoy thoughtfully curated wine flights, and participate in educational sessions that enhance your wine knowledge.

Hyde Park Fine Wines

Location: 1304 W Alturas St, Boise | 208.385.0250 

Located in Boise’s historic Hyde Park, Hyde Park Fine Wines offers a comprehensive selection of over 700 wines. This wine bar goes beyond just offering drinks, with specialty events that make it a prime destination for wine enthusiasts looking to expand their palate.

White Dog Brewing Company


  • 705 W Fulton St, Boise | 208.906.0609 
  • 712 Arthur St, Caldwell | 208.906.0609 

White Dog Brewing Company provides a unique beer-drinking experience with its range of handcrafted brews. From IPAs to stouts and sours, their offerings cater to diverse tastes. Located in Boise and Caldwell, White Dog Brewing pairs its delicious beers with fare from Smoke and Thyme, making it a must-visit for craft beer aficionados.

Boise Brewing

Location: 521 W Broad St, Boise | 208.342.7655 

Boise Brewing, located in downtown Boise, is a community-owned brewery known for its wide range of craft beers, including award-winning selections. Dubbed “Boise’s Living Room,” the Taproom is a lively space to sample different brews and enjoy a recently added menu of appetizers, burgers, and more.

10 Barrel Brewing Co.

Location: 826 W Bannock St, Boise | 208.344.5870 

10 Barrel Brewing Co., originally from Bend, Oregon, has found a welcoming home in Boise. This brewery offers a fantastic array of handcrafted beers, including ales, blondes, and sours. Their menu features elevated pub food, from appetizers to pizzas, making it a great spot for a casual yet refined dining experience.

Lost Grove Brewing


  • 1602 N 13th St, Boise | 208.576.6526 
  • 1026 S La Pointe St, Boise | 208.286.2258 

Lost Grove Brewing provides a personal touch with its two Boise locations. The La Pointe taproom offers a behind-the-scenes look at their brewing process, while the North End spot features craft cocktails and Asian-inspired dishes. Both locations offer a diverse range of IPAs, stouts, porters, and more, with ample outdoor seating to enjoy your drinks in the fresh air.

Mad Swede Brewing Company


  • 2772 S Cole Rd, Boise | 208.922.6883
  • 816 W Bannock St, Boise | 208.514.2187 

Mad Swede Brewing Company is a family-run brewery that prides itself on using farm-to-table ingredients and innovative brewing techniques. With a tasting room on Cole Road and a Brew Hall in downtown Boise, Mad Swede offers a welcoming environment for enjoying their award-winning beers. The brewery frequently hosts events, making it a vibrant spot for both locals and visitors.

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