Refresh Your Home With These 5 Tips

Fresh tulip flower bunch in a vase at Hotel 43

It's been a long winter. Let's welcome Spring into our homes with these 5 tips to refresh your space and welcome the warm weather!

1. Let the outdoors in

Bring some new life into your space. Buy a new house plant or a flower bouquet to brighten up a room of your choice. Not only do live plants add character to your home, but they help purfiy the air as well. Here are some of the best house plants you can get that are easy to care for: Snake Plant, Chinese Money Plant, and the ZZ plant.


2. Spring cleaning

It's so common, it's almost tradition! Refresh your home with some deep, spring cleaning. Donate, sell, or throw away the items in your home that no longer serve you and may be better off in the hands of others. Now is the time to declutter and recenter your home with only what works for you and promotes maximum comfort. Read one of our past blogs about spring cleaning tips here.


3. Rearrange your space

Try rearranging your space to refresh your home. You can rearrange your furniture and have a new way to enjoy your living room, bedroom, dining room, or another room of your choice. If you don't want to rearrange too much, try switching your photos around or adding in new art pieces. This will refresh the look of your home and make it feel like it's an entirely new place.


4. Buy new decor

Try shopping for new decor to refresh your home. Something as simple as little knick-knacks, new throw pillows, or even a new candle scent can make all the difference in refreshing your home. 


5. Make your patio/balcony a comfortable lounge space

As the warm weather approaches, create a comfortable space outdoors. Bring in new patio furniture, add in a couple plants, and lace the ceiling or railings with lights. Make it a cozy place where you can kick back with a cup of coffee and read a book, or whatever activity your prefer.


We hope you've enjoyed these tips and they refresh your home this Spring! Share the blog on social media and remember to follow along! We post new content every 2 weeks.