43 Reasons to Love Boise

City view with trees & sky at Hotel 43

There's so many reasons to love this beautiful city of ours - we picked 43 of our top reasons why we love it here so much. They're in no particular order (except #43 of course, couldn't pass up that opportunity) because there's no way we could all agree on ranking! What would you add?


  1. The Greenbelt
  2. The food scene
  3. The potatoes + fry sauce (how do other states not have this??)
  4. Hyde Park
  5. The downtown area
  6. Boise State University
  7. The trees, so many trees!
  8. The weather/seasons (all four seasons, sometimes in one day)
  9. The "bikeability"
  10. How nice people are
  11. The speed limit on the freeway
  12. Shakespeare Festival
  13. Local wineries
  14. Trails (all of them! Hiking, biking, UTV)
  15. Bogus Basin
  16. Camping nearby
  17. Parks
  18. Saturday Farmer's Markets
  19. Renaissance Fair
  20. Axe Throwing
  21. Close proximity to larger cities (road trip!)
  22. Boise Art Museum
  23. Lake and River Access
  24. Mountain Access
  25. View of the mountains!
  26. Low crime
  27. Treefort Music Fest
  28. Western Idaho Fair
  29. Walkability in Downtown
  30. We're the Gem State
  31. Botanical Gardens
  32. Wildlife
  33. Dog friendly city
  34. Train Depot
  35. Rafting the Boise River
  36. Sustainable Restaurants
  37. Wine country (Ranked #1 in wine consumption for 2020, we're proud of it)
  38. Winter activities (ice skating, sledding, skiing!)
  39. Freak Alley
  40. The Basque Block
  41. White Water Rafting
  42. The community - all of you!
  43. Hotel 43